Lobbying Campaigns

The Managing Director of Brussels Direct, Mr. Jesper Holmberg, has been working on lobbying campaigns for over 15 years now on a variety of industry topics. During his time with PBA Group a lot of his efforts were spent on helping Czech companies prepare and make their voices heard within the EU Accession negotiations.

Research Reports

Brussels Direct can carry out in depth research reports on any EU legislative or policy topic of interest to its clients. Key areas of expertise include the EU Funding, Energy, Transport and the Digital Agenda. Specific EU Member State reports can also be carried out on hot topics.

Brussels Mapping

Before commencing any lobbying campaign it is vital to perform a mapping of key stakeholders who can influence the final result of a lobbying campaign. Apart from the usual suspects such as EU Commission officials, MEPs and Member State officials many other key stakeholders such as Trade Associations, NGO’s and industry competitors will also have a key role to play.


Monitoring is the foundation upon which all EU Affairs work is based and therefore Brussels Direct follows key developments in a whole host of legislative areas closely. The company can carry out issue specific monitoring and reporting or on the other hand if desired can produce weekly or monthly monitoring reports on more diverse issues.

News Update

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