The Philosophy of Brussels Direct is to supply a tailor made and client specific package of services at all times and to focus on quality of work rather than quantity.

Brussels is second to only Washington as concerns the amount of Lobbying companies and entities on the market. It is therefore a very difficult market upon which a company can differentiate itself from the competition. Some companies believe that the more numerous your consultancy base the better your services whereas others focus on niche topics in which they excel in knowledge and Brussels network. In truth there is no silver bullet each approach and structure has its merits.

For a client-consultant relationship to work optimally there has to be a real atmosphere of mutual trust and such a sentiment can only be built over time. So longevity of a relationship is the key. Also there is no one size fits all solutions each client’s needs are specific and need to be treated as such. Flexibility is yet another important belief of the company as within a lobbying campaign or client contract, priorities and lobbying focuses can often change at short notice.

Brussels Direct believes that the scope and extent of all its contracts should be evaluated on a regular basis in order to ensure that it provides the best value for money for each customer.

About Us

Jesper Holmberg has extensive experience of the EU Affairs realm having worked for a variety of EU Affairs Consultancies as well as in house for a big Japanese conglomerate over the past 15 years.


Brussels Direct.
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